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New Fee Schedule Effective Nov. 1, 2019

Fee Schedule 110119


Baltimore Washington Federal Credit Union Service Fee Update

Effective Date: November 1, 2019

 Account Balancing Assistance                                                                                                $25.00 per hour

ATM Cash Withdrawal (at machines not owned or operated by us)                               $3.00 each

ATM Non-Member Surcharge                                                                                                  $5.00 each

(charged to any non-Baltimore Washington FCU cards used at our ATM’s)

Bad Address Fee                                                                                                                            $10.00 per month

Cancelled Check Copy (free on our website)                                                                           $5.00 each

Cashier’s/Counter/Official Checks with third party payee                                                   $3.00 over 1/day

Check Cashing – Non member of a member’s check                                                              $5.00 each

Check Reorder (in addition to the Deluxe charge) Free on our website                              $3.00

Collection (outgoing)                                                                                                                      $75.00 minimum

Plus any additional fees associated with the collection plus actual costs

Dormant Account Fee – Monthly                                                                                                 $5.00

An account is considered dormant if for 180 days no withdrawals

Or deposits other than credited dividends have been made to the account

Escheatment                                                                                                                                       $50.00 per account

Expedited Payment/Lending Services                                                                                          $10.00 per check/$30.00 overnight

Fax – Outgoing                                                                                                                                    $2.00 per page/$10.00 maximum

Holiday Club – Early Withdrawal Fee                                                                                            $50.00 each w/d

Levy/Garnishment Processing                                                                                                          $100.00

Loan Application (on specified loans: HELP, Fresh Start, STSL)                                              $20.00

Loan Lien Letter                                                                                                                                   $30.00

Membership Required Deposit                                                                                                         $5.00

Membership Account Reopen – each time                                                                                     $35.00

Money Orders                                                                                                                                        $3.00 each

Nonsufficient Funds Draft or Check                                                                                                 $35.00 item

Nonsufficient Funds ATM Withdrawal                                                                                            $35.00 item

Nonsufficient Funds Debit Card Purchase                                                                                       $35.00 item

Nonsufficient Funds Preauthorized Withdrawal                                                                            $35.00 item

Overdraft Privilege/Courtesy Pay                                                                                                       $35.00 item

Paper Statement Fee                                                                                                                              $5.00 monthly

Pay Stub Lookup & Printing                                                                                                                  $2.00 per statement

REG D (occurs after 6 transactions per month on Savings Accounts)                                         $5.00

Repossession Redemption/Administrative (PLUS STORAGE)                                                    $400.00

Research – Plus $5 per statement copy, minimum one hour                                                        $25.00 per hour

Returned Deposit Item                                                                                                                           $15.00

Returned Item Fee                                                                                                                                   $35.00 each

Returned Mail Fee (bad address)                                                                                                          $5.00

Share Draft Monthly Maintenance                                                                                                       $5.00 monthly

Specialty Cashier Check (Holiday, etc.)                                                                                               $5.00 each

Statement Copy                                                                                                                                         $2.00 each / $10.00 maximum

Stop Payments – All Items                                                                                                                     $20.00 each

Verification of Deposit – Member via telephone or written                                                            $5.00 each

VISA Credit Card Payments (free on our website)                                                                             $3.00 each

VISA Debit Card or Credit Card Replacement                                                                                     $5.00

Expedited Handling                                                                                                                                  $75.00

VISA Debit Card Dispute Processing (excluding fraud)                                                                    $20.00

VISA PIN # Reminder                                                                                                                               $5.00

Wire Transfer – Incoming                                                                                                                        $15.00

Wire Transfer – Outgoing                                                                                                                        $30.00

Wire Transfer – Rejected Fee                                                                                                                  $20.00


All Fees are subject to change.